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User Guide for Anybox

Before Reading

Please read Introduction and “Help” → “Tips and Tricks” in the main menu first. This article assumes you have known everything from Introduction and “Tips and Tricks”.

Free Trial Limit

  • Save only 20 documents.
  • You cannot edit or change link metadata after reached documents limit of 20.
  • Only 10 items in Stash Box. 30 for pro version.
  • You cannot import bookmarks from HTML or JSON file.
  • You cannot use Auto-Archive or manual archiving.

Release Notes

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iOS version

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URL Schemes

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Apple Script

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Many features of Anybox, such as Keyword Expansion, Quick Link, direct pasting, Quick Save, require API provided by Accessibility. Enable “Accessibility” for Anybox in “System Preferences” → “Security & Privacy” → “Privacy”.


Anybox uses Apple Script to retrieve the current tab’s URL in Quick Save or anybox://save-tab. Please allow Anybox’s permission request when you are using the aforementioned features for the first time. You can still enable “Automation” in “System Preferences” → “Security & Privacy” → “Privacy” if you’ve declined the request.

Integration with Alfred, Raycast or other Launchers

By macOS’s design, if you use URL Scheme to open an app, the app will be activated and its window becomes the main window, which is rarely what you want. Anybox intercept this behavior when you open Anybox’s URL Schemes within the app so that when you use anybox://save-tab or anybox://quick-save, the app will stay in background if it’s not activated.

If you want to use the “Save Tab” command in Alfred, use Apple Script, not URL Scheme.

tell application id "cc.anybox.Anybox"
  save current tab "Optional Collection Name"
end tell

Search Engines

If no results are found in Quick Find, you can open search engine in the browser with Quick Find after adding search engines.

Search engines are just special links in Anybox. You can configure yourself or click the presets below to add them.

There are two conditions to meet before Anybox considers one link a valid search engine.

These conditions are:

  1. The URL should contains placeholder _keyword_ to be replaced with search keywords.
  2. The link should be set with keyword started with search_ (select the document and press ⌘ + ⇧ + K to add keyword in the app).

These two are valid search engines. You can use them in Quick Find after saving them to Anybox and setting with keyword started with search_.

  2. twitter://search?query=_keyword_

Click to Add Search Engines





Opt-in More Browsers

Anybox lists Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Firefox as preferred browsers or in other browsers. Additionally, Anybox supports Brave Browser and Vivaldi as well. You need to open Terminal and enable these browsers manually. After executing these commands, you need to restart Anybox for the changes to take effect.

1. Brave Browser

defaults write "cc.anybox.Anybox" BraveBrowserAsPreferredBrowser -bool YES

2. Vivaldi

defaults write "cc.anybox.Anybox" VivaldiAsPreferredBrowser -bool YES

Opt-out Browsers

You can also opt-out Microsoft Edge or Firefox to keep the list tight.

1. Microsoft Edge

defaults write "cc.anybox.Anybox" MicrosoftEdgeAsPreferredBrowser -bool NO

2. Firefox

defaults write "cc.anybox.Anybox" FirefoxAsPreferredBrowser -bool NO

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