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Open list in Anybox. All of anybox://show’s parameters are case insensitive.

anybox://paste?collection={Collection Name}&starred=yes

Save clipboard content while assign to an optional Collection or star.

Please note collecion name needs to be URL Encoded for all the URL Schemes with collection parameter.

If you have collections with the same name, you can also use collection identifier in URL Scheme.

You can retrieve collection identifier by control-click collection in the sidebar and select “Copy Link”.

The copied link looks like this: anybox://collection/5101B23C-8F64-4335-951C-FD2067B8909E. The 5101B23C-8F64-4335-951C-FD2067B8909E part is the collection identifier.

Example: anybox://paste?collection=5101B23C-8F64-4335-951C-FD2067B8909E&starred=yes.

anybox://save?text={content}&collection={Collection Name}&starred=yes

Save text content and assign to an optional Collection.

anybox://download?url={content}&collection={Collection Name} (macOS Only)

Download URL and save to Anybox with an optional Collection.

anybox://save-tab?collection={Collection Name}&starred=yes

Save current tab’s URL to Anybox with an optional Collection and also star. The most powerful URL Scheme that Anybox offers. You can assign a keyword to this URL Scheme in Anybox and enjoy the magic it brings.

Try it out now!

anybox://quick-find (macOS Only)

anybox://quick-find to open Quick Find.

anybox://quick-save (macOS Only)

anybox://quick-save to open Quick Save.

anybox://stash-box (macOS Only)

anybox://stash-box to open Stash Box.

anybox://toggle-anydock (macOS Only)

anybox://toggle-anydock to show or hide Anydock.

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