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Anybox is a powerful app with a lot of features. You can turn it to a read-it-later app with a little bit of effort.


  1. Create a collection for all your to-reads, e.g. collection “Reading”.
  2. Create a smart list name “To Read” with Starred Setting set to Starred and Collections “Reading”.
  3. Save your links to collection “Reading” and also star them. You can ease your work with URL Scheme anybox://save-tab?collection=Reading&starred=yes or Siri Shortcuts.
  4. Smart list To Read now stores your reading list. After you finished with one of the items from the list, you can just unstar it to mark as read.


  1. Save anybox://save-tab?collection=Reading&starred=yes to Anybox and drag it to Anydock. Now you can click to save your current tab as “To Read”.
  2. Control-click “To Read” in the sidebar and select “Copy Link”. Save this link to Anybox and drag it to Anydock. Now your reading list is only one click away from you.

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